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The Best Mobile Phone Deals No Contract Plans You’ve Never Heard Of

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Best mobile phone deals no contract, prepaid wireless plans are the biggest safe against excess expenses or surprise (we have all hit through sudden expenses in some time), so if you are trying to find a high value cell phone plan with no reaction, A prepaid strategy is the best alternative.

best mobile phone deals no contract

The prepaid market is where competition is fierce now, and the wireless market has been moved entirely to strategies without a month-to-month contract and redundant contracts. This indicates that the fundamental distinction between the standard postpaid strategies (with credit verification) is that when you pay late at the end of the month and with prepayment, you pay at the beginning of the month.

Getting rid of the monthly payment monthly can save you hundreds per year as there is great value in the prepaid area, especially if you are present with AT & T and Verizon.

The more often the free lines you have on your family plan, the lower the cost of each line. Getting everyone on a single plan can involve significant savings in annual costs.

For example, one unrestricted line is $ 60 / mu. However, 5 unlimited lines can be as low as $ 100 / month.

prepaid phone plans comparison

Many prepaid companies offer wonderful expecting families which means that your choices extend beyond the big 4 vectors (Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint respectively). And, because * the whole * wireless market has moved into regular monthly without contract plans, the fundamental difference now between the traditional strategies after payment is that it is on forward payment strategies.

You pay at the end of the month, while with prepayment, you pay at the beginning of the month. The entire market is basically now “no contract” means “regular monthly” plans are a new model.

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With no service contracts, a lot of people change several times a year among carriers to get the best deals. Check the compatibility of your phone to switch the vector.


You can start with the payment plan when you go T-Mobile for only $ 23 ($ 20 for a SIM card and $ 3 for a month of service) if you have a suitable phone. If you need to buy the phone, the price starts at about $ 60, and T-Mobile will waive the $ 20 sim charge. Pay as you go 30 minutes and texts every month in any combination. So if you send 20 texts, you will have 10 minutes left because of the month before discussing them.

AT & T

If you do not use the phone for three months, do not pay anything. Unlike other strategies, there is no need to calculate your minutes if you do not use your phone.


This strategy consists of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data that will slow down after 23GB during high network traffic times due to data degradation. It also includes 10GB of usage information on a portable hotspot and a virtual private network (VIN) – an awesome security feature to take advantage of to protect your information while using public Wi-Fi.

You can fetch any unlocked code (ie phones from Sprint or Verizon) and take advantage of this service.


The company has a $ 35, 5GB strategy that can not be beaten for the value of Verizon, as well as a plan for $ 45 8GB and a $ 60 family plan. Be warned that, although all non-Verizon brands using the Verizon network are choking at 5Mbps, so while you will get Verizon coverage, you will not get the fastest mobile network in America.

The strategies that provide data sharing are great ways for teenagers to add technology and screen negative mothers and parents to be together on the same plan (and if you are currently on AT & T or Verizon, you now know exactly what it looks like). If you have a variety of cravings information in your home, this can be a great option. However, if the concept of running out of sharing information scares you, then it may be best match with the amount of data repaired in each line.


If you are going to pay more than $ 40 per month, in each line, you should get endless (or almost limitless) information. Both Metrops (owned by T-Mobile) and Post Mobile (owned by Sprint) currently have $ 50 per month endless data offerings. (Mitrobs will cancel the priority for you, but not throttle you, after 30GB / month; batch does it after 23GB.) This is the less you have to spend on information for limitless. Both have been subject to household plans (instead). AT & T Sub Cricket is a bit more price.

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