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Boost Mobile Go Phone Review – Prepaid/Monthly/Pay As You Go Plans

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boost mobile go phone

Boost mobile go phone, the mobile Boost is one of the best mobile virtual network operators (PHN) in the market. It is known to provide multiple features on their cell phone plans at a reasonable rate. Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider run by Sprint.

According to the famous cell phone scanning company, Rotemtrix, Sprint ranked third in total operation and work among the top four major cell phone service companies, namely Verizon, $ T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

The post offers unlimited minutes and messages on all its prepaid plans. Only the amount of data on the web for use in the month is varied according to the price variation of the plans.

You can happily choose to enhance as it has a 4G feature for high-speed data transfer, and it also provides a monthly discount for all users who pay for their phone plans on time. However, there is a catch amount.

You can only use a Boost phone or phone that corresponds to sprint network otherwise you will not be able to use the phone’s payment plans.

Boost Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Boost gives unlimited minutes and scripts on all their plans. Besides, it also provides 4g’s high-speed data on its network. Once the monthly data is customized for high-speed data then, no additional charges will be charged. Instead, the 2g network will be converted to unlimited for the rest of that month or billing cycle. also allows unlimited music streaming only by selected apps.

Boost Mobile Purchase

You can only use a Boost phone or phone that corresponds to sprint network otherwise you will not be able to use phone plans. Enhanced handset compatible can be purchased from the Best Buy, Radichak, Wal-Mart target. The iPhone 6 and S6 Galaxy are also compatible. You can also buy a mobile Boost from a website promoting itself. Independent shops also sell paid phones such as 7-Elven, Cvs, and Garnes.

Remember that Boost will not activate unlocked phones from the other carrier away from Sprint.

Boost Mobile Right For You?

Looking to switch to a mobile Boost? Check out our tutorial on how to access the network and how to find your mobile Post account number.

The post provides users with plans with many benefits. Talk unlimited and text along with unlimited streaming music via selected apps and Hot mobile feature. Along with that it also has a high-speed internet of 4G speed plus 2G unlimited, However, these benefits can be accessed by users only if they have a Boost phone or phones compatible with a Boost network or sprint.

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