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Boost Mobile Prepaid Phone Plans On The Market Now

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boost mobile prepaid phone plans

Boost mobile prepaid phone plans leave us torn. On the one hand, it’s incredibly affordable, with some cheaper cell phone plans on the market. It offers discounts if you sign up for automatic payment plans, and even it contains a 4G data plan for unlimited and this is cheaper than what its direct competitor offers wireless cricket.

On the other hand, Post Mobile operates on Sprint’s network, weaker than the four major carriers, leaving its customers at slow speeds – but we’ll go into more details about it later.

Without a doubt, Batch Packets plans the best value we’ve seen for prepaid cell phone service, and if Sprint’s coverage is strong in your area, it’s certainly worth considering. Is the winner of our top ten Silver Award comments.

Pricing and fees

From the price point of view, the impulse is incredibly attractive. The company’s prepaid phone plan costs $ 35. So, you can get unlimited talk, text, 411 directory help and all the additional features you expect from your SQL Server, plus 2GB of high-speed data.

You should go that far, you still have access to the Internet. I was just throttling down to 2G speeds. If you do not want to handle slower speeds, Post allows you to add an additional GB of data for only $ 5 or $ 2GB for $ 10, which is practically a steal.


He also has a $ 50 monthly payment plan with unlimited data that slows down after using 23GB. We believe Unlimited Data Plan Post is the best prepaid cell phone plan yet. Like Metro pops’ $ 50 unlimited data plan, you are limited to streaming video at 480p resolution. It costs an extra $ 20 every month if you want high-definition streams, compared to the $ 10 Optovers.

An unlimited family plan costs four users $ 140, which is cheaper than any other prepaid carrier. If you do not need unlimited data, you can get a family plan for $ 125 for four people, which includes 2GB of data per person and unlimited speech and text.

Coverage and quality

The Post’s negatives are almost all the fault of the parent company, Sprint. Our sister site, Tom Directory, conducted speed tests, and overall Post-performance followed by other prepaid companies such as Virgin Mobile and MetroPCS.

The Post recorded download speed at 16.8 Mbps and 6.7 Mbps, respectively – close to Sprint’s results, although not close to those seen by Virgin Mobile, which uses the same network. The post was the slowest application load rate, sluggish two minutes and 17 seconds.

Both video and music are “optimized”, too: they limit the resolution to 480p on the video side and 500 kbps for the sound.

To be fair, the audio is 500 kbps very high quality, most of the MP3 files are broadcast at 128 Kbps, while the high-quality sound is usually in the range of 300 kbps, so you should not worry about the accuracy of the tunes. Video quality is another question: the 480p is what the dish DVDs up, which sounds so great that all modern phones have at least 720p resolutions and over 1080p.

For comparison, the 480P can appear blurred explicitly. It’s still quite watchful, of course, when you do not have to worry about hitting an arbitrary data cap, trading can feel definitely worth it.

Plan features

One great push feature in place is the automatic payment incentive, which cuts $ 5 off your invoice each month if you set up automatic payments. If you enable the discount, you can basically get a free gigabyte of data, since the payment only charges $ 5 per additional gig of 4G high-speed data.

The post has joined a growing list of mobile phone companies that offer free music streaming that is not counted within the data ceiling. Only a handful of streaming apps have been involved with batch, unfortunately, Apple Music and Google Play music is not among them. Luckily, Spotify and Pandora though.

The post includes a mobile point of contact with all prepaid phone plans and does not charge you to access it, which makes them stand out from the cricket, which charges $ 10.

International calls and text messages are not included with prepaid post plans. Instead, you’ll need to spend an additional $ 5 or $ 10 per month depending on the countries you need to call.

Choose the device

We were surprised by the variety of mobile phones running Android and iOS available from PostMobil, but the selection ends in these two operating systems. Fans of Windows phones and BlackBerry devices will be disappointed.

The promotion holds a wealth of cheap mobile devices, so if you’re on a budget, you can still find something. If you purchase your phone through Post Mobile, you do not have to pay the activation fee, but if you bring your own, it will cost you $10.

Unfortunately, Post accurately identifies prepaid phones you can and can not bring in yourself to activate. We huge fans save money by bringing the smartphone you already own to your new prepaid provider, but in the batch, you already have a Sprint-capable device and can generally be purchased only from Sprint. Because of this, most people have to buy a new phone from a boost if they want to use their service, once done, they can not easily move to another provider if they are dissatisfied.


In the end, whether the post is right you come to two things: do you already get a decent Sprint service in your area, do you have a Sprint-capable phone or are you ready to buy a new one?

If the answer to each of these questions is yes, the batch is a good choice. Its service levels are amazingly priced and generous with features that many other service providers can be more stingy. Their coverage can be choppy in some areas thanks to their reliance on Sprint’s network, but if you just want a cheap cell phone service, a boost could be your best bet.

Hopefully with this information about boost mobile prepaid phone plans, could be useful for you. Don’t forget to read the other articles are more interesting. Thank you.

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