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How To Cell Phone Service In Cuba

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Cell phone service in cuba according to Sprint, any client, which can be up to its network in the United States to be able to do the same in Cuba. He was CEO of Sprint Marcelo Claure in Havana this week as part of the Business Council delegation US-Cuba Go to the country, where he participated in a unique signing ceremony with Cuba’s telecommunications company.

cell phone service in cuba

While Verizon wireless business will be quick first based in the United States to provide roaming service in Cuba– but it will not come cheaply. Starting next week, customers who visit the Caribbean island could occur, and the message, and browse the Web through a pay-as-you-go international travel Verizon.

Voice calls will cost $ 2.99 per minute, while the information is $ 2.05 per megabyte. So if you blow through 1GB of images personal information published in Instagram and take advantage of Google maps, and text messaging buddies at home, you want to end up paying more than $ 2,000– perhaps more of the same journey.

The stories behind their cells complexed constantly and were factor strange.The that Cuba does not allow its citizens to mobile phones own legally until 2008.

That’s right, after the 2008-45 years of innovation, cell phone service in cuba finally got the possibility of owning a cell and before that, to be She cell phone that was either high or core of the federal government, or if you have European or Canadian immigrant connection– ready to get on the phone and cell service in its name and let you use it.

It was an exclusive club, pull a cell in public aroused envy, wonder, and not a little bit of fear.After 2008, though, it has become ordinary mobile phones.

mobile phone service in cuba

Just this week, it has been selected Cuba ambassador to the US, Very first since 1961. Sprint says that 3 million people from around the world will visit Cuba this year, a figure that is expected to jump to five million within ten years. See Also :  How to unlock a cell phone

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