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Walmart Family Mobile Cell Phones Price Review

(41 Views) March 20, 2017 3:21 pm | Published by

Family mobile cell phones, One of the finest ways to interact with loved one is with Walmart Family Mobile service. Don’t miss out on out while we talk smart devices, app’s, images, and Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web.

Family Mobile Cell Phones

In recent times, the big four have actually chosen to simplify their clients’ options and end up being more transparent about added fees, such as overage fees and mobile phone payments. Still, navigating the sites of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile continue to be a long-drawn-out process for numerous, so we decided to make it a bit simpler for you. $130.00 for the phone itself. The phone strategy is through family mobile by walmart, so is the warranty.

As with most prepaid family mobile cell phones providers, there are three levels of phones. There’s a basic phone for folks who simply want to talk and text and are not interested in a whole lot of the more advanced phones. There are fast messaging phones for those who text more than talk and finally, there are the Smartphones for talk, texting, webs apps and all the other things that you can do with a smart phone.

I have had this phone 15 days, and it keeps rebooting itself over and over again. I went to the Walmart shop the other day on 2/28 and the electronic assistance could not change the phone since it runs out stock, but informs me “the Product care plan will cover my phone by sending out in a new phone to me, while my old phone is being replaced”.

This turns out to be incorrect exactly what the shop partners have actually said about the Product Care plan Walmart does not send out a replacement phone or cost of the starter package back, or the cost of the regular monthly expense i just paid. Walmart is a Scam this shop is the worse i have actually ever dealt with on return policy. I paid $200.00 for everything for the phone and phone itself.

walmart family mobile cell phones

The phone restarts throughout calls, when touched, when not charging, the battery dies rapidly, and the store manger chooses not to refund when i have the receipt. I hate the phonies that run that shop, and i was fooled by the workers into beliving the care strategy would replace everything i brought instantly. See Also: Encrypt Cell Phone

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