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Google Will Launch Modular Cell Phone Concept Can Expand to Big-Screen Proportions

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Modular cell phone, An interaction system including a modular mobile phone, consisting of a baseband modem for linking to a core mobile network through a cellular network, and an adapter for physically linking the modular mobile phone to a port of a mobile electronic gadget, and a mobile electronic device, consisting of a modem for connecting to the core mobile network by means of an IP access network, a port for physically connecting the modular cell phone to the mobile electronic gadget, and a connection enhancer for getting a connection of a continuous cellular phone call, between the modular cell phone and the core mobile network through the cellular network, and flawlessly handing over the continuous telephone call to a voice over IP connection, between the mobile electronic gadget and the core mobile network via the IP access network, in action to the modular being linked with the mobile electronic device port.

modular cell phone

Google has chosen Puerto Rico as the location where it will do a minimal pilot launch of its brand-new modular cell phone later on this year.

Google stated it picked Puerto Rico for the limited launch of Project Ara given that 75 percent of web gain access to in the island is through mobile phones. Puerto Rico is a United States commonwealth. Google will partner with the providers OpenMovil and Claro.

The ARA smartphone will have parts which can be switched modularly and snapped on and off.

There is no denying the functions in smartphones are outstanding, however, the human brain being what it is, there is constantly a need for more. As Points-of-Parity (POP) in between mobile phone makers end up being more typical with the same or really similar hardware and software application elements, the Points-of-Difference (POD) have to be more significant.

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When you think of mobile phone, one of the most standard features we desire more of are larger display screens, better sound, longer battery life, much better electronic camera and various designs. Approved there are other alternatives that might be enhanced upon, however, provide consumers more of these functions and the majority of us will make more than happy.

Seeing TELEVISION on a mobile phone has to do with as fun as taking a drill to your eye– which’s something idea designer Seokwon Hong hopes to alleviate with the Brix. The Brix is a modular concept for a cell phone that would permit you to produce a larger and bigger screen depending on how numerous Brix bezel-less modules you may have. See Also: Basic Cell Phone Plans

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