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How Can Radiation From Cell Phones You And Microwaves Into Tumor

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Radiation from cell phones, A new report issued by the Swedish Institute for Radiation Protection, and concluded in the fact that increasing rates of both the brain and central nervous system (CNS) growth rates, particularly in Denmark, may come as a result of constant exposure to radiation from mobile phones, microwaves, and other “smart” technical tools that prevails in contemporary society.

radiation from cell phones

The results of these tests showed that the electromagnetic radiation that is provided by mobile phones, lowered sperm movement by 8 percent when it was put mobile phone in the pocket of the trousers. Why should something that can be prevented, such as radiation from mobile phones may take away the right of any man to be pope? It’s not really just the males that could be radiation from cell phones affected, and even children, and children from vulnerable.

Several studies in the early cell phone as published conflicting results on the effects of radiation from mobile phones. It was pointed out that many of the research studies that found no correlation between the radiation from cell phones and cancer has been funded by the cell phone industry, was a major design flaws, such as the exclusion of specific types of tumors in the brain or the population sample.

Controversy has arisen in fact again about whether holding a cell phone next to moving towards a lot of minutes a day threatening brain with electromagnetic radiation. Spread evidence of any danger continued. Many people do not realize, however, that we are surrounded by increasingly innovations that radiation discharge in the same radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum: Wi-Fi routers, transmitters Bluetooth and more.

He said researchers at 13 other laboratories in six different countries, in fact the same result. However, no one has proven whether it would lead to any harm in the long term. Then, in a study published in June 2003 and points of view of environmental health, and repeat the Salford team in the experiment on 32 additional animals. However, this time I waited eight weeks before he studied their brains. In those animals exposed to cell phone, up to 2 percent of the neurons in all regions of the brain it was shrunken and turned.


radiation from cell phones and pregnancy


Much of the early research studies cell phone posted mixed results on the effects of radiation from mobile phone. Some research studies have argued that radiation from mobile phones actually securing users to create cancer. Others went to mobile phones increased incidence of cancer. This confusion caused research studies published to go about the legitimacy of the work of previously issued to date.

It was pointed out that many of the research studies that have found no link between radiation from mobile phones and cancer has been funded by the cell phone market, and it was defects in serious design, such as the exemption of certain types of brain growth or population sample. See Also: Cheapest Cell Phone Plan

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